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Greenscape Environmental Ltd is an independent environmental and ecological consultancy. Our company is committed to providing sustainable ecological and environmental solutions that are specific to individual customer needs. We aim to work on a one-to-one basis, tailoring our work to individual jobs, whether a architect, land agents, domestic homeowners or property developers, but always with the vision of a brighter ecological and environmental future. Greenscape Environmental is a small business, employing highly educated and experienced team members who will tackle any situation professionally, pro-actively and with the highest regard for customer satisfaction. We specialise in bat surveys, newt surveys, reptile surveys, barn owl surveys, badger surveys and dormouse.


From initial site evaluations to specific species surveys, mitigatory measures and large-scale environmental assessments, no job is too small for our team of consultants. We are familiar with, and work according to local, national and European law, and conform to  CIEEM standards. Greenscape aims to be the consultancy of choice in the West Midlands, and further afield. We aim to be a recognisable name for both our excellence, and our contribution to the conservation of biodiversity.

Our team of consultants and associated network include personnel who are qualified to provide:

Ecological surveys and licence applications for disturbing protected species in England and Wales. 

Landscape management including hedge laying, coppicing, pond creation, and other habitat management

Noxious/invasive weeds, assessment and control. Waste management advice including site waste management plans


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