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Ecological issues can affect development projects in both urban and rural areas. Frequently planning applications will need to be supported with an environmental appraisal of the site and surroundings. Ecological or environmental surveys should be conducted at the planning stages of a project.  Greenscape provide a flexible service for clients in conducting ecological surveys using licensed consultants and producing reports to high standards.


We can undertake:

  • Phase 1 and phase 2 protected species and habitat surveys
  • Advise on mitigation for protected species.
  • Licence application for disturbing protected species in England and Wales.
  • Habitat creation and restoration
  • Habitat management


We have a calender of surveying windows for the typical Species and habitats we observe. The standards for surveys are set by the Chartered Institute of Ecology + Environmental Management.

Survey Calender


Typical species we need to consider include:-



Barn Owls

Great Crested Newts

Water Vole


We take into consideration habitats on site and in the locality which may be affected by the potential development.

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